For the future


There are many actions, large and small, that we can take every day to increase awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues. This we repeat to ourselves today and always, because every day we realise the great debt we accumulate towards our planet. Being aware of this we try, through our work, to place an important emphasis on reducing the environmental impact we have.

What do we do?

We reduce the CO2 emissions of the factories that implement our solutions through innovative technologies that lower the consumption of compressed air. Small and big actions, as we said at the beginning, are the basis of our daily mission.

Our sustainable development goals

With our solutions we not only strive for better performance, but also lower risk for the environment. We invest in sustainable initiatives because we believe that the future is already now. That is why we have an all-round focus on initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, improving energy efficiency and well-being within the company.

Creating a peaceful corporate environment
Improving energy efficiency
Innovating the tyre industry
Air matters awareness program


Some of the certificates Safen has awarded to companies it has worked with that have reduced their COemissions during the year thanks to Safen’s innovative solutions. For the environment, to combat climate change, for the future of the next generations